Terms & Conditions for promotional offer of 5% Discount on AirTime and Bundles Purchases


Promotion details

Promotional program offering free P2P would be available during (March 30th) and (April 6th, 13th,20th)

Who is eligible:

  1. All ONE Cash customers (verified as well as unverified) will be eligible for this promotional offer.
  2. The promotional offer would be available for existing as well as new subscribers, provided their accounts have been successfully registered prior to or during the promotion period.
  3. This promotion is valid ONLY in the following governorates: Sana’a, Dhamar, Ibb, Hudaidah, Amran, Taiz (Al-Hoban).

How to avail the offer:

  1. All ONE Cash customers who do an Airtime purchase via their ONE Cash wallet during the promotional period would receive a 5% discount.
  2. Example, if customer A purchases AirTime of 1,000/- YER using his/ her ONE Cash during the promotion period then only 950/- YER would be deducted from their ONE Cash wallet balance.
  3. This offer would be available on AirTime purchases of all the telecom operators that are available on ONE Cash application.
  4. A customer can avail 5% discount on all AirTime purchases done during the promotion period irrespective of the amount of AirTime purchase or count of AirTime purchase transactions.
  5. The discount would be applicable instantly during the successful completion of an AirTime purchase.

Promotion communication:

The offer would be communicated to everyone via the following:

  1. ONE Cash website
  2. ONE Cash Facebook page
  3. ONE Cash agent shops
  4. ONE Cash app notifications and/ or SMS
  5. The users can visit any of the above locations to get detailed information about the promotional offer.

Other Terms & Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to and subject to the published, ONE Cash Terms and Conditions.

  1. ONE Cash, with the prior approval of the Board, reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process, including but not limited to canvassing or submitting an entry that is not in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  2. ONE Cash reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Promotion or amend these terms and conditions at any time for any technical or commercial reason. Any amendment to these terms and conditions will be published on the ONE Cash website (com) and ONE Cash Facebook page ( .
  3. Any individual or group of individuals, who are prohibited by the law of residential country, will not be eligible for the promotional offers.
  4. No one from ONE Cash Call Center and service personnel will ask for PIN and/ or OTP. Kindly do not reply if anyone asks.
  5. The discount may be reversed from those accounts where any suspicious transactions are observed.
  6. If there is any dispute, ONE Cash’s decision will be deemed as final.
  7. For any queries, customers can call ONE Cash Customer Care at 8000667 or visit our website on