We Are ONE

ONE in our call for unity
ONE in our need for financial freedom


The catalyst for ONE Cash is centuries old rooted in deep love for our homeland and our people.

In light of the financial turmoil caused by the conflict in Yemen, the Hayel Saeed Anam Group developed ONE Cash in a desire to establish financial stability and growth for the Yemeni people. HSA Group created ONE Cash, an innovative, yet easily accessible, mobile money service to meet the needs of all Yemenis.

we can enjoy financial freedom and thrive with ONE goal, ONE dream, ONE voice, as ONE nation.

Our Mission

We are ONE in our desire to help improve the lives of our fellow Yemenis. At ONE Cash, we’re committed to the financial future of our people by:

1. Serving, educating, and empowering individuals in our communities.

2. Providing efficient tools to access the money that’s rightfully theirs, help them purchase what they need, and gain their financial freedom.

3. Empowering individuals to regain control of their financial futures and confidence in their ability to learn, grow, and thrive.

Uniting all in ONE vision of a better future.

Our Shared Vision:

A future where all Yemeni citizens have secure, reliable access to their money and in control of their financial futures. Creating growth for individuals, local communities, and our great nation. We believe this bright future belongs to everyONE, regardless of age, gender, income, education, and location.

Send Money

A fast and easy way to transfer funds to anyone – either down the road or across the country – whether or not they have a ONE Cash account.

Cash In

Easily deposit money in your ONE Cash account with the help of an agent.

Cash Out

Easily withdraw money from your account into cash from any of our agents.

Send to bank

A fast and easy way to transfer your funds through a bank account.

Scan Pay

Make mobile payments on-the-spot using your mobile phone.

Bill payment

Pay bill

No more delayed bills. It’s easier now to pay bills anywhere and anytime.

Buy airtime

You can buy airtime from any major telecom network in Yemen all from the convenience of your mobile phone.