ONE Cash is
the mobile financial solution for everyONE!

The most reliable and efficient alternative for cash payments across Yemen.


Together, we dream of a future where everyONE, regardless of where they live or what they do, would have access to financial freedom. With the ONE Cash mobile money platform, Yemenis can leave behind the cash uncertainty caused by years of civil unrest. Now, we can build a future based on meeting our daily needs, easily accessing funds, and thriving as ONE community.

Why is ONE Cash the right solution
for me?

ONE Cash mobile payment service offers the most reliable and efficient alternative for cash payments across Yemen… all without relying on old-fashioned and unstable transfer methods! Using your mobile phone, ONE Cash provides a modern and 100% secure nationwide mobile money network that allows you to:


Purchase mobile airtime

from any major telecomt


Receive your salary/wages

or humanitarian aid funds


Pay your bills at anytime from any location


Send and receive money


Deposit and withdraw

from your accounts.


Pay for your goods

Almost anywhere with access to over 80,000 retailers.

ONE Cash  mobile money system is:


with minimal transaction fees.

Widely accepted

by retailers around the country.t


accessible anywhere, and easy to learn and use.


secure, and readily available to handle your day-to-day financial transactions.


giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your money.

The ultimate solution for everyONE

regardless of where you live or travel, what you do, or how much you earn.